Simple Blue Phos-Away


Phosphate Remover

Naturally Removes:

  • Orthophosphates
  • Some metals
  • Other debris

Compatible with all sanitizers and pool chemicals

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Product Description

Phos-Away provides you with the first step in maintaining your pool free of orthophosphates. When orthophosphates are removed, algae has no way to acquire nutrients which algae feed on for survival.

To maintain a clean and clear pool all summer long use Phos-Weekly and Pool Pizazz every week.

Directions for Use

Super chlorinate pool. Wait 24 hours and add Phos-Away directly into skimmer, let run for 2 hours. Vacuum pool and backflush pool filters. Bottle will treat 32,000 gallons of water at a phosphate count of 300 PBB (Parts per Billion).

Follow Directions Closely

For best results use below formula

Product Gallons PBB
1 oz. 1,000 300
2 oz. 1,000 600
3 oz. 1,000 900

Normal average phosphate count is 150 PPB. For maximum results for D.E. or cartridge filters-mix product in a 4-gallon pail of water and dispense around the entire pool. Sand filter-Add product directly to skimmer. After one week clean or backwash filters for maximum efficiency.

Additional Information

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