Simple Blue Filter Cleaner


This fast-acting formula removes calcium scale, mineral deposits, oils, and other debris from all types of filters.

For use with sand, cartridge, and D.E. filters.

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Product Description

simple blue filter cleaner logoSIMPLE BLUE Universal Filter Cleaner is an acid based cleaning system designed for both swimming pool and hot tub filters. Deep cleans and removes materials that rinsing alone will not.


MAKE A CLEANING SOLUTION: Add 1lb. of Universal Filter Cleaner to five gallons of fresh water in a plastic pail. Mix thoroughly with a wooden stick until the chemical is completely dissolved.

CARTRIDGE & DE FILTERS: Hose filters of with a garden hose removing all loose dirt and grime. Submerse filters in the cleaning solution and soak for 12-24 hours. Remove and rinse with fresh water thoroughly.

SAND FILTERS: Backwash filter thoroughly.

  • For aboveground pools pour cleaning solution through skimmer with pump running and filter in backwash mode.
  • For inground pools, turn the pump off and pour the cleaning solution in the pump housing. Turn the pump back on with the filter in backwash mode.

When you see the chemical in the backwash sight glass or you believe that the chemical has made it into the sand, shut the pump off and let sit for 12 hours. After soaking, backwash the filter thoroughly. Avoid getting this product in the pool.
* Do not dump cleaning solution on grass or shrubs.

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