Calcium Plus 4#


Calcium Plus is used to raise calcium hardness in swimming pool water. Low calcium hardness may cause pool water to become corrosive which can result in etched plaster, corrosion of equipment and fixtures or may cause metallic stains.

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Directions For Use:

Read entire label and use strictly in accordance with precautionary statements and directions.

The ideal range for calcium hardness is 200 to 400 parts per million (ppm). The minimum calcium hardness is 150 ppm.

  1. Test water for hardness.
  2. If calcium hardness is below 200 ppm, determine the dosage of this product from the table below.
  3. Broadcast product over the surface of the water while the pump is running. Do not predissolve this product.
  4. Do not add this product on the same day that either pH increaser or alkalinity increaser has been added to the pool water.


Dosage of Calcium Plus in Pounds to Raise Total Hardness

Pool Volume Gallons 50 ppm 100 ppm 200 ppm
2,000 1.5 3 6.25
5,000 3 6.25 12.5
10,000 6.25 12.25 25
20,000 10.5 25 50

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