Alkalinity Plus


Alkalinity Plus raises the total alkalinity in swimming pool water. Proper total alkalinity is a critical component of water balance. All pool chemicals work most effectively when alkalinity remains in balance.


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Directions for Use:

Alkalinity prevents pH bounce. Low alkalinity is very corrosive to the filter and other pool equipment. High alkalinity promotes scale formation, cloudy water and reduces chlorine efficiency. For best results, maintain 80 to 150 ppm total alkalinity.

Before Adding Alkalinity Plus to Your Pool:

  1. Measure the total alkalinity of the pool water with a reliable test kit or test strips.
  2. If total alkalinity is below 80 ppm, add Alkalinity Plus using the dosage chart below.

How to Add Alkalinity Plus to Your Pool:

  1. Broadcast this product over the deepest part of the pool water.
  2. Keep the circulation pump running.
  3. Retest the total alkalinity level after 6 hours
  4. Repeat treatment as necessary until alkalinity is in the acceptable range of 80 to 150 ppm.

Dosage of Alkalinity Plus in Pounds to Raise Total Alkalinity

Pool Volume Gallons 10 ppm 20 ppm 30 ppm 40 ppm
5,000 1 1.5 3 4.5
10,000 1.5 3 4 6
20,000 3 6 8 12
30,000 4.5 9 12 18

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