Affordable summer fun in a superior steel frame!

The STR520’s steel structure is protected by a combination of finishes. Optimizing its resistance to corrosion while preventing condensation between the liner and the wall, ensuring a long life for your pool.

The STR520’s oval pool system is available with the Buttress system. A structurally simplified design with superior strength and durability, that is both efficient and attractive.


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Product Description

ESP Advantages

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  • More uprights on every pool, resulting in a stronger top ledge that offers maximum stability
  • Oversized Corrosion-Free Foundation System, providing a long-lasting foundation that continuously stands up to heavy weight and corrosive soil conditions.
  • Exact-fit Components, no universal components that leave extra holes open, all parts are made specifically for one size pool. Resulting in pool components that lock out corrosion.
  • Optional Wall Saver Panel, designed to withstand stress at the point where water enters and exits the pool for filtration.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners, High-grade stainless steel nuts, bolts, and fasteners, eliminating the worry of rust spots on your pool.
  • Interlocking Stabilizer Rails, fits tightly over your liner and the top of the pool wall, locking the liner in place to increase its life.

Creativity fueled by technology

  • 6” Steel Top Ledges
  • 5” Steel Uprights
  • Steel framework for strength and dependability
  • One piece ledge cover

Additional Information


Frame Size


Ledge Cover

One Piece Ledge Cover

Frame Protection

Top ledge & upright coated with Krystal Kote


Galvanized Steel Stabilizer & Bottom Rail

Available Configurations

Round Sizes

15', 18', 21', 24'