Bromine 1.5#


Slow dissolving brominating Tablets for Spas & Hot Tubs

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It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Use of this product will help to keep your spa or hot tub sparkling clean and inviting. This product is an effective spa or hot tub water sanitizer. This product is effective in a wide pH range and is low in odor. This product is best used in a spa with a floating bromine feeder.

Sanitizer for Spas and Hot Tubs: When using other products in conjunction with this product, follow the instructions on those products. NEVER mix different products together in the same bottle, pail, or similar container. Adjust pH of spa water to the range of 7.2-7.6. If spa is freshly filled and before initially using this product in your spa or hot tub add sodium bromide, according to label instructions. Fill bromine feeder and adjust the dispensing levels, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to introduce a bromine residual of 2-4 ppm. Check feeder regularly and ensure that this product is continuously introducing bromine into the water. When empty or when levels are low, add additional product as necessary to maintain bromine residual. To ensure sparkling clean water and that your spa chemicals work effectively, water in spas should be emptied and refilled with fresh water every 60-90 days. Commercial spas should have the water changed every 3 to 5 days. Do not re-enter spa or hot tub until bromine residual is 4 ppm or less as determined by a bromine test kit.

Spa Gallon calculator (all dimensions in feet)

Square or Rectangular: Length x Width x Average depth x 7.5 = Gallons Round or Oval: Length x Width x Average depth x 5.9 = Gallons Each Tablet weighs 0.70 oz. (19.8 grams)

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