Dream Maker Spas Memorial Day Promotion

Dream maker memorial day promo hero image

How Does it Work?

Easy! You place an order for any Dreammaker Spa within the Stonehenge collection between now and May 30th* and you can add 2 options for free! Below you will find the options available to you!

Handi Step

Strong, sturdy, and maintenance-free. UV protected surface reduces fading and makes it resilient to weather conditions.

Handi Step

Custom Cover Lifter

A handy accessory that makes removing you’re cover a breeze. In addition, the cover lifter will help extend the life of your cover.

Cover Lifter

Swivel Handle Handrail

Swivel Handle Handrail allows you to rotate handle for spa entry, exit and cover placement.



The Ozonator produces pure ozone—nature’s powerful oxidizer—that destroys organic and inorganic contaminants instantly on contact!

Ozone System

Enjoy the Dreammaker Spas Stonehenge Collection

Enjoy a relaxing oasis in your own backyard with the Stonehenge Collection, our most popular spa line for families. With a unibody construction, this easy-to-install, energy efficient spa is built with lasting durability in mind.

Interested in Learning More?

*We will honor the Pick 2 Free promo anytime between now and May 30th, 2018 but we will not be placing our order with the manufacturer until the May 30th, 2018. If you have more questions on this please ask your sales associate when placing your order.