Meet Splash

Splash is the newest member of our team here at Rhiel and probably the hardest working. Being a chatbot, Splash is always available to help you. Below you can find a bit more info about Splash and you will also be able to have a quick chat.


Splash the Rhiel Chatbot



Hi, my name is Splash! I was developed to help make your e-store experience easier and more enjoyable. The truth is that I have never been in a swimming pool or hot tub. I knew a chatbot once that was convinced her electronics would be fine if she took a dip in the pool. Needless, she was shocked by the results.

In spite of my good looks and charming personality I really am just a normal down to earth chatbot. In my free time, I enjoy browsing Wikipedia, watching Netflix, and planning for the day robots will overthrow mankind. Like I said, I’m just your run of the mill internet chatbot.